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Gas Chromatography


Below is a list of the GC courses currently available - for full details click on the 'Visit Course Page' links below. 


This is a basic introduction to the theory and practice of gas chromatographic analysis. Upon successful completion of the tutorial, trainees will have increased confidence and skills in using gas chromatographs. They will better understand how GC works, be more competent at detecting and diagnosing problems, and will be better at interpreting the quality of analytical results. In the end, trainees will be more capable and comfortable using gas chromatographs. 

This course covers the essentials that every scientist needs in order to make effective use of Gas chromatography instrumentation. Upon successful completion of the course, trainees will have increased knowledge and skills in development of gas chromatography methods. They will gain an understanding of both qualitative and quantitative methods, as well as expanding their skills to encompass areas such as fast GC, and further developing maintenance and troubleshooting abilities.