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HPLC Basics, Equipment & Troubleshooting


HPLC Basics, Equipment, and Troubleshooting explains chromatography in practical terms from the ground up.


What Does it Cover

“HPLC Basics, Equipment, and Troubleshooting” explains chromatography in practical terms from the ground up. Here’s what you’ll learn in this online course:

  • The basic principles of HPLC
  • The five fundamental HPLC modes
  • The easy and logical way to adjust experimental variables to get a good separation
  • The best approach to use for various chromatographic applications
  • How to maximize column life
  • Special techniques such as gradient elution, quantitation, and sample pretreatment
  • The operating principles of each module in an HPLC system
  • Proven techniques for systematic problem-solving and instrument maintenance
  • The most effective, time-saving, money-saving approaches to preventing common hardware problems and method failures.

What Will You Learn

You will acquire a good understanding of the fundamentals of chromatography and learn simple tips and guidelines to make your chromatography work easier and more efficient. What you learn will demystify your instrument. You’ll find that all of the perplexing and frustrating problems your experience have simple and logical solutions. And, better yet, you’ll learn that most of these problems are preventable. The techniques you learn from this course will make you more effective at work and save you big headaches! If you’ve never taken a formal course or if you need a refresher, it’s time to learn HPLC the right way. Students tell us that this “extremely practical course” is a must for everyone who uses HPLC.

Who Should Take This Course

If you use chromatography on the job and would like a better understanding of how it works, “HPLC Basics, Equipment, and Troubleshooting” is the course for you. It’s designed for chemists and biochemists who use HPLC as a regular part of their jobs, but technicians with some HPLC experience will also find the course valuable. No previous HPLC training is assumed; however, much of the course will appeal to the experienced chemists who want a firm grounding in the basics of HPLC.



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