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What format do these courses take?
Each course is split into a number of key sections, with each section comprising several video modules. Video modules are generally 10-30 minutes in length, depending on the topic covered, and courses have on average 20-40 video sessions providing 10-15 hours of instruction per course. Each course is accessed online in on-demand format, and upon purchase of a licence you will be supplied with specific login details to gain access.

How do we know the courses are authentic and independent?
All the learning modules within ATS are entirely independent and are developed with world thought leaders within the specific analytical fields, such as Dr John Dolan, Tom Jupille and Lloyd Snyder for the LC courses, Dr Matthew Klee for the GC courses, and Cari Sanger for the CE courses. The ATS tutors have over 100 years of combined experience teaching both the fundamentals and practical aspects of technique use. Having worked for many years in training, routine and application labs, they have a unique insight into the key issues surrounding analytical technique use, the problems that can occur and how best to fix them. In addition all courses are continuously being reviewed and evaluated. They are submitted to the Royal Society of Chemistry and once approved this is highlighted on the website.

How much access do I get?
Each course represents a library of content which you have access to for a 6-month period on purchase of a licence. You can view sessions as many times as you like during this 6-month period, and as all courses are designed in a logical modular way you can easily find the required training session. In addition, each session player window offers controls for pausing and rewinding content so you can replay specific sections whenever you need to.

How is my learning validated?
Course modules include a question and answer functionality in simple multiple choice format. Questions must be answered correctly for all modules in a course before a ‘Certificate of Completion’ is issued automatically by the system.

Are there any additional supporting materials?
Each course section comes complete with a PDF handout containing copies of all of the slides used in the section. These are arranged for easy note-taking while you view each module and give you a valuable resource for future reference. In addition, a full PDF handout of each entire course is also available if that format is preferred.

Can I access the courses via PC, laptop and/or tablet?
Yes, you can access the courses via all of these  methods. You can access the courses from anywhere, providing you have Internet access.

Can I use the service as a reference during the licence period?
Yes, course access is unlimited for the entire licence period - you can view and use it over and over again.

I am responsible for training in my company. Can I track modules taken by myself and my staff?
Yes, as each user will be provided with a unique access identifier, ATS can provide a detailed report on modules taken by you and/or your staff.

How much do the courses cost?
A full list of course pricing is available on the website.

I am interested in analytical training that is not advertised on your website?
ATS is continually expanding to include new training courses. If you have a requirement for any particular type of training course simply contact ATS to discuss your requirements.